What you can do?

1. Get Yourself Tested for Thalassemia: You must get yourself tested for Thalassemia trait as this disease is genetic and it is transferred from a parent to a child. The test is, therefore, recommended before you plan for marriage. It is called HB Electrophoresis and can be performed at any good laboratory. The test costs around Rs. 1000/- in India and this amount is nothing in comparison to the financial, mental and stress that one has to go through for maintaining a Thalassemia child for his/her entire life.

In case if both the partners are Thalassemia Carriers and are already married, they are advised to go for a Pre-Natal Diagnosis within 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy and find out if their upcoming child is a Thalassemia Major.


2. Donate Blood: You can donate blood every 3 months and can encourage your family and friends to donate blood too. You can also help us in arranging Blood Donation Camps in your city for Thalassemics, as they need blood transfusions every 15-20 days.


3. Sponsor a Patient’s Treatment: The treatment of Thalassemia is very expensive and painful for the patient. You can sponsor the treatment for a patient by contacting us. We can get you connected to our needy patients and you may then take care of their financial needs directly


4. Sponsor a Patient’s Cure: The only cure available for Thalassemia patients, as of today is Bone Marrow Transplant. This costs Rs.10 Lakhs to Rs.30 Lakhs depending upon the patient’s condition, hospital and type of transplant (Related or Unrelated). You can sponsor the BMT and be a life saver for someone.


5. Spread the Word: If you have understood ‘What is Thalassemia’ and ‘How it can be Prevented’, please spread the word and let your friends and family also know about it. Apart from this, you can arrange awareness programs in your own office, college, malls and even on streets. We can help you in organizing Seminars, Skits etc. on Thalassemia.


6. Stem Cells Registration: You can register your stem cells and make a commitment to save a person’s life when required. Your record shall be saved by a Stem Cell Registry organization and you will be contacted in case your stem cells are found to be suitable for any Thalassemia patient.


7. Volunteer with Us: We are looking for passionate and energetic people who would like to do something good for the society. If you feel you have these qualities, please contact us. You can email us your Resumes, call us, or drop us a message with your details and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


We shall be looking forward to hearing from you!

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