Marriage in Thalassemia Patients

People suffering with Thalassemia can marry any other person of their choice and live a normal family life and yes, even have babies! A Thalassemia patient may have a good reproductive health if proper care is taken from the very beginning of the patient’s life.
When a Thalassemic marries, it is not necessary that all their kids will be affected by thalassemia but it depends on the traits of the person whom they marry. On the basis of types of Thalassemia, explained below are the outcomes that may occur when a Thalassemia patient marries:

⦁ Thalassemia Minor with Normal Person: If a thalassemia minor patient will marry a normal person then, in each pregnancy there will be a 50% chance that the child will be a thalassemia minor and the other 50% child will be normal. The diagram below explains the above outcomes.

⦁ Thalassemia Minor with Thalassemia Minor: If a thalassemia minor will marry a thalassemia minor then, in each pregnancy there shall be a 25% chance for the child to be normal, 50% chance for Thalassemia minor and the other 25% will be for the child to be Thalassemia Major. The diagram below explains the above outcomes.

⦁ Thalassemia Major with Normal Person: – If a thalassemia major patient marries a normal person then, in each pregnancy there is 100 % possibility of the child to carry thalassemia minor trait. In India there are many cases in which a thalassemia major is married to a normal person and has given birth to a child. Preetha Mukherjee, 27, a thalassemia major has married a Normal person and has given birth to a child who is a Thalassemia Carrier.


⦁ Thalassemia Major with Thalassemia Major: – If a thalassemia major marries another major then the child has to be a Thalassemia Major patient as both the parents are Thalassemia Majors. Therefore, pregnancy in such case is not at all advisable.

⦁ Thalassemia Major with Thalassemia Minor: – If a thalassemia major marries a Thalassemia minor then, in case of pregnancy there is a 50% chance that the child will be thalassemia major and a 50% chance that he/she will be a Thalassemia Minor. The diagram below explains the above outcomes: –

In order to avoid having kids affected with Thalassemia, one must get himself/ herself tested before planning for marriage. And if you are a Thalassemia Carrier, you must avoid getting married to another Thalassemia Carrier in order to Prevent Thalassemia Major. For this one shall get the HB Electrophoresis Test done.
However, in case, the test could not be done, we would then encourage you to test the unborn between10-12 weeks of pregnancy, this is known as Pre Natal Diagnosis .Abortion is allowed and is legal in such cases.



  1. My girlfriend has beta thalassemia carrier but I have normal blood cell. But our blood group is same O+ . What kind of chances of our baby to become Thalassemia patient. Please advice me.

    • letshelpsome1

      Firstly, apologies for a delayed reply.
      If one of the partner has Thalassemia Minor, there is no risk to the child. Risk arises only when both are Thalassemia minors.

  2. Sanjoy Adhikary

    In view of thalassemia-enquiry-based blood reports, my partner carries Hb E Heterozygous, while I carry Hb E Trait Heterozygous.
    Now that we have planned to be married, I seek answers to the following questions I may hope you would deal with care and to our satisfaction :

    Questions :

    01. our issue is going to be a thalassemia patient ?
    02. if yes, what kind of thalassemia is he/she going to carry ?
    03. if yes, then what is the possibility rate of such a baby born ?—I mean 25%/50%/75% ?
    04. is it a rare combination or common in southeast Asian countries ? and in that case, we should strictly stop ourselves from marriage and childbirth ?

  3. Yashpal singh tak

    I have a daughter with thall.major age 18year near future I have also a match for her so where I could get a sutable match for her any site or cotect no . for this

  4. Asif Mehmood

    Good information there is any treatment. My daughter is normal and her husband has minor thalassemia. Baby born but after 2years baby die due to issues related heart advise me what can we do

    • letshelpsome1

      Sorry, to know about your loss. If your daughter is not Thalassemia Minor, then her child would not be a Thalassemic. Thalassemia would not be a reason for what happened to the baby.

  5. Subhradip Mukherjee

    We are both thalassamia minors. We have a girl child and she is normal. Neither major nor minor. Can we take a chance to have a second baby?

    • letshelpsome1

      Hi, Firstly sorry for a delayed reply.
      Yes, you can go for a second baby but you would need to take up a prenatal test which is done during 3-4 weeks of pregnancy. Please cosult your gynaecologist for the same.

  6. Hi , my one of a good friend , who is thalaseemia major gets infections , liver disturbance , Iron increase etc., he is planning to have a marriage . Can he with a normal women.

    • letshelpsome1

      Yes, he can. Only thing to take care is to get the partner tested for Thal, if she is normal well and good but if she is carrier they would need to test again during pregnancy for the baby.

  7. Anitha k.v daughter is beta thalassemia girl..she want to marry normal person….he is our relative.. pls suggest me….her babies

  8. Hi , my sister has HbE beta thalassemia minor, and her husband has beta thalassemia trait , is their any chances to take baby , pls help me.

    • letshelpsome1

      No they cannot plan a baby since both of them have Thalassemia, the vhild will me thalassemia major.

  9. Hi my girlfriend get thalassemia major
    We are planning for marriage so I ask you that So can I marry her and she will not have any problem outside the future and how far she can go ahead

  10. Am thalasimya major bt my boyfrd has normal so any problam our mareed life

  11. My name misriya

    My friend is Thalassemia Major and she wants a married life. Her boyfriend is a normal human being so can she have a married life?

  12. Sorry , my question is different from the marriage topic . Please revert. It would be great help to me.
    Can thalassemia major patients apply for the government jobs ?

  13. Hi! Am thel major and i’ve done my stem cell transplant, I’m planning to marry. I need an advice please

  14. My girlfriend is thalassemia major so should I get marriage her please suggest me

  15. My baby is 5 months now can she get a thalaseemia trait in hb electrophoresis

    • letshelpsome1

      If any or both partners carry thalassemia trait then there is chance of having a baby with thalassemia trait.

  16. Vikas bagul

    My wife’s have normally and I all so have normally wat I can do know my wife’s 4th months pls tell me what I can do

  17. I have thalassemia minor and my husband is normal ,so any problems in pregnancy and in child

  18. My wife have thalassemia heterozygote and I have blood group AC. What is the probability of our child been affected with our combination?

  19. Chandi Pramanick

    I have major e bita thalassemia. My girlfriend was normal blood cell. Can we are get married and take child?

  20. I have thalassemia delta beta intermedia and my partner is normal .. what is the chance of marriage and child?

    • letshelpsome1

      Apologies for late response!
      In case of Thal Intermedia and normal, marriage can happen. The child will have Thal minor.
      Please consult your doctor before proceeding.

  21. I am a beta Thallasemia traitor high hba2 and hbf. But my husband is normal.. Is this safe to have babies in near future.?

    • letshelpsome1

      Apologies for late reply!
      Do you only have Thalassemia trait (which means you are Thal Minor) or do you go for transfusions (which means you are Thal Major)?
      In case you are minor and husband is normal, then there is 50% chance that child will be normal and 50% chance that child Thal minor.
      In case you are major and husband is normal, then child will be Thal minor.
      Please discuss with your doctor before deciding.

  22. hii, i am Thalassemia minor and also my fiyancy Thalassemia minor.
    What is ur advice for us? can we do marriage or no?
    how much chance is that child carry Thalassemia major?

    one more..
    is any solution Thalassemia minor to normal ??
    any treatment??

    • letshelpsome1

      Apologies for the late response!
      Since both of you are Thalassemia minor, there is a 25% chance that your child will have Thalassemia major. Therefore, in case you do get married, you need to get a pre-natal diagnosis done between the 10th and 12th week of pregnancy to find out if the to be born child will be Thalassemia Major or not.
      Please consult your doctor for more details.

  23. How long do thalassemia intermedia patients live?? If thala intermeida boy marry with normal girl…do they face issue during pregnancy or do they have normal baby?

    • letshelpsome1

      Thal intermedia boy can marry a normal girl. Babies will be Thal minor, which means they will carry the genes of Thalassemia. There will be no issue in pregnancy if there are no other issues with the boy and girl.

  24. Anila Yameen daughter is having thalassemia E minor but she is 24 years old and she is taking madicean hydrourea for maintain her blood because if she is not taking madicean properly her blood is broken know i want to know can she get marrie with normal person and about marriage life and babies?

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