Thalassemics Fight COVID-19

Thalassemics Fight COVID-19
COVID-19 pandemic is an unpredictable challenge for the world and more so for the Thalassemics.
Thalassemics who already fight to survive have now one more challenge to face. People are struggling
for food and groceries but in this pandemic, Thalassemics are struggling for their blood transfusion and
chelation especially in the rural areas of India.
Thalassemics around India are facing severe problems for getting their treatment on scheduled time.
Some are not getting their blood transfusions done because blood banks are running short of blood
stock. Some of the patients must travel miles for the blood transfusion and are facing transportation
issues due to lockdown. Many of them don’t even have their private vehicle to travel till the blood bank.
Some patients have run out of stock of their chelation drugs and can’t order too because courier
services are not available. Major threat to a Thalassemic patient is the chance of getting infected with
Corona virus when admitted in hospital for blood transfusion. Since the immunity of a Thalassemia
patient is already low, he/she is more susceptible to getting infected.
There is also a lack of medical staff at hospitals because they are engaged with Corona virus treatment
across India. Many transfusion centres have been closed. The situation is worst for a daily wage earner
who is also a parent of a Thalassemic child. Their situation is extremely grim as due to the lockdown,
income has dried up, but they still need to ensure blood transfusions and medicines are provided timely.
Eventually, they miss the scheduled transfusion dates further lowering the Haemoglobin (Hb) to critical
levels. Thalassemics can only fight this virus by taking proper treatment on time, maintaining their Hb
and serum ferritin levels and improving their immunity. However, this has been a big challenge during
the current scenario.
Obviously, these fighter friends need angels who can swipe away their problems and we have some
angels across India. Some such organizations/groups are listed below who are trying to help Thalassemia
patients with blood, medicines or any other assistance across the country.
If you need help for a Thalassemia patient in your region, please reach out to any of the groups
mentioned below:
1. Let’s Help Some1 for patients around UP and Telangana

  • Nikita Ajwani-: +91 98862 95190
  • Rohit Roy-: +91 81062 33799

2. For arranging blood donors around Pune

  • Jatin Sejpal-: +91 98225 92370

3. Team YTA for continue guidance and arrangement of blood donors

  • Sangeeta Wadhwa (Psychologist/Counsellor)-: +91 99306 32928
  • Pankaj Sethi-: +91 97680 04545

4. For seeking help around Karnataka

  • Gagandeep Singh Chandok-: +91 98801 88874

5. PTUT foundation

  • Mrs. Jyoti Tondan-: +91 95797 77155

6. The Wishing Factory-: +91 84484 49544

7. The Blood Donate Group

  • Zakir Ji-: +91 83684 63763
  • Zeya Khali Ji-: +91 98894 70806

8. Chandigarh Thalassemia Society

  • Mr. Rajinder Kalra-: +91 99141 52779

9. Goa Thalassemia Society

  • Ms. Unnati Shrivastav-: +91 89753 50502

10. Lucknow Thalassemia Society

  • Mr. Pravir Arya-: +91 97948 65222


Written by-: Mrs. Shobha Arora

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